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From playing with a group or 1v1 with you friends paintball is fun no matter the group or size!

Gel Blasters

A gel blaster shoots a gel pellet that has been soaked in water (similar to an Orbeez). Gel blasters are similar to a paintball gun and are becoming more popular for use in activities similar to paintball skirmish and laser tag.

Axe Throwing

This is similar to darts, you get 5 throws with your axe of choice and players with the most points win!

Paintball Lite

Paintball Lite uses a new type of paintball gun that was built specifically for beginner players and kids ages 6-12. The guns are much smaller weigh a lot less, and shoot much softer.

Pavilions, Picnic Tables, and more

Whether you're planning a small gathering or a big event we've got enough space for everyone.